Friday, November 7, 2008

Is anything left for Sourav Ganguly to achieve?

For any professional such as a corporate executive, mid-level junior executive, doctor, media planner, journalist, techie, teacher, consultant reaching the age of 36 doesn’t mean the end of a career, rather start of a harrowing journey during this cut throat job scenario. But a sportsman can, and certainly can with ease, particularly if it is Sourav Ganguly.

The sudden announcement of retirement by Sourav Ganguly during the Test series against Australia would be an emotional blow to the numerous Sourav or Dada fans spread all over the world. But Sourav or Maharaj as popularly known among Bengalis has shown that how a sportsman should live a life, truly King-size.

Through the entire career spanning 16 years Sourav has gathered many feathers in his cap that include scoring 6888 runs in 109 Tests including 15 magnificent tons, scoring 11363 runs in 311 ODIs with 22 centuries at an outstanding average of 41.02, captaining India in 147 ODIs and 49 tests. He also made India proud by leading the Indian national team to the maximum number of 21 victories ever achieved by any Indian captain with a win percentage of over 40.

It is now a fact that Ganguly won’t be donning the national jersey for India, but several generations in future will still be watching in the TV screen - Ganguly taking his shirt off celebrating his team’s extraordinary win in the Natwest Series Final in 2002. Sourav became demi God in the heart of millions of Indian when he lead the Indian cricket team to 2003 World Cup finals and bravely challenged the might of Australians.

Having seen the pinnacle of success as a cricketer and with earnings like Solomon’s wealth what will be his post retirement plan?


neha dhamija said...

Players like Saurav and Kumble will remain as an icon for many a generations..but its not like there is nothing left for them to achieve..for great prodigies like them, even the sky is not the limit..n there is lot to do even if they are no longer sporting the team jursey..the country need a big time contribution from such players to discover n train the younger least i dnt want to see these great ppl to judge some stupid shows or just gv their comments on any entertainment..oh no..the NEWS channels..

Shubhomita said...

I am a Bengali and I have no qulams in accepting the fact that Dada is my icon. I loved his on-field antics and admired his off-field demeanour. I don't think he should be away from cricket. Rather he should take up the commentator's mike.

Moral of the story: You can love the guy or hate him but there's no way you can ignore him.

Faisal said...

well for sure there is lots left for him to achieve..cos the day you feel you have achieved everything thats the beginning of the downside in ur life...and im sure Ganguly is not that type of person...

As far as his cricketing careers is concerned its a premature least in test cricket as a result of biased selectors in our country...for whatever reasons...

Als for peope in Bengal he is an icon and its just not about calling him an icon..everyone shoud try to follow him (i dont mean everyone shud become a cricketer) from the perspective of his passion and his ability to fight it out under the most difficult situations of life...We as people of Bengal are lagging behind in lots of things and if we can achieve 25% of what he has done then we can proudly say that we did not only call him our icon but also folowed him...

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