Friday, October 24, 2008

Large Kali Idols of Naihati

Zade black in colour, naked, fiery red eyes, blood smeared all over body, long dark hair, tongue licking out, awe-inspiring eyes, wearing skulls of slain demons. This is the familiar face of Goddess Kali who is prayed all over India for strength and power. Goddess Kali symbolises the end of evil and the start of good. When Kali Puja is celebrated in Bengal it outsets Diwali or Deepavali the festival of lights in other parts of India.

Ma Kali has a special significance in Bengal and particularly in Kolkata due to the presence of the famous Kalighat Temple, which is located in Kalighat, South Kolkata on the banks of River Ganga. Around 25,000 big and small Kali Pujas take place in the city of Kolkata alone every year. Although such a large number of Kali Pujas take place in the city of Kolkata, still this puja does not attract that attention from pandal hoppers who throng all pandals during Durga Puja.

But if someone wants to take the real kick of Kali Puja then should head towards Naihati. Naihati is a very important industrial town and an important railway junction station on the Indian Railways network, in the district of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India. It is very easy to reach Naihati as it takes only one hour by train from the Sealdah station by train. Then just by taking an auto or rickshaw one can enjoy the charm and revelry that surrounds Kali Puja in Naihati.

The unique thing about Kali Puja in Naihati is its large idols, some measuring around 32 feet. It has also been recorded that the Deul Para Adhibashi Brinda Puja committee of Naihati once made a Kali idol of hoping 31 feet. It was the tallest Kali idols of the country, as well as of Asia that was ever made in Naihati. In 1965 an idol was made of a recorded height of 31 feet. But the civic authority reduced it to 29 feet from 1968.

The whole town gears up for the mood during this time with light and people thronging the magnificent pandals. The pandals are huge to fit the large idols measuring on an average of 25 feet. Truly speaking the Kali idols are not that artistic to look at, but definitely inspire imagination because of its sheer magnitude. Interestingly some idols are so big that four average size person sits on the bulging belly of sleeping Siva and play cards. The Puja committees like Amra Kajan, New Star, No 7 Adhibashi Brinda, United Club and Dishari Club cannot be given a miss at any cost. Amusing it may be, but the fact is these idols are made adjacent to the water bodies like ponds and small lakes in the locality. The reason behind this is that the idols are so huge it is practically impossible to carry them to the River Ganga for immersion. Instead the puja organisers call the fire department, who come and wash the large idols with their hose pipe, spraying water from the adjacent water body.


Anonymous said...

Good info about Kali pujo. I'll try to take pics of these amazing Kali idols.

Happy Diwali...

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