Friday, November 14, 2008

A killer bike called Hayabusa

Strong body, stunning finish, 1340cc inline-4 engine, lightning speed is all that defines Hayabusa, the fastest motorcycle in the world from the stable of Suzuki. Also known as the GSX1300R in many countries, Hayabusa was launched in 1999 and till now its sales has only skyrocketed in the global market. Hayabusa is a like a God of bikes to young bikers all over the world.

Following the incredible speed and magnetic appeal of the bike, Hayabusa has got its place in the 70mm screen. Recent Bollywood movies like Dhoom and Dhoom 2 has showed Hayabusa glamorously. This acted as an inspiration for the youths in India who earlier had to satisfy their craziness for speed with bikes such as Bajaj Pulsar and Yamaha. Reacting on the growing market the sales distributors promptly imported Hayabusa from neighbouring countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

Now, finally Hayabusa is here and along with it is number of bike accidents.

Young bikers love bikes and their passion for bike gets fire with Hayabusa, but very few of them actually know how to control the monster. With 1340cc inline-4 engine, Hayabusa is not a joke rather it is a deadly machine on the road. Expert bikers and trainers feel that enormous discipline and restraint is required to own this bike. One of the most interesting things often heard about Hayabusa is that instead of pulling wheelies when one grab a fistful of throttle; the bike will rocket forward and slowly pull the front tire off the ground.

Wealthy people often gift Hayabusa to their sons as birthday gift little realising the fact the toy can cut short their son’s life span. On the other hand young boys play with Hayabusa on public roads and highways and perform stunning acts with it. A trick they do out of innocence and for fun often turns into death.


neha dhamija said...

i was expecting that you will write on this topic soon...good work..keep going

SR said...

first of all nice blog.
but for this post I cant understand what do you want. You want to ban hayabusa (watever be the spelling) or what? The only line that i agree with is that such a bike requires lot on restraint. But take case of any new bikes which are above 150cc and they all can easily cross 100. I suppose even that speed is not acceptable on roads of india considering the potholes and driving sense. So restraint is required even in them. Hayabusa is not alone...all cars,bikes require restraint. or any of them can be turned into murder machine.