Thursday, August 21, 2014

Now give a call to book a hassle-free auto ride

Ache din aa gaye hai…

I think citizens in Hyderabad can say that with a smile. Yes, ache din aa gaye hai… at least if you want to take an auto ride in the city. Auto ride has always been a tough choice for commuters in the city, considering the bargain associated with it.

It is hard to find a person who has not got involved in a squabble with an auto driver in the city. There is no doubt that travelling in autos has become a nightmare for commuters. It is difficult to find an auto driver who charges the exact fare. Rarely an auto driver will agree to go as per the meter charges. Even if they agree on meter, there is a high chance that the meter is tampered. So every time you decide to ride an auto, the thought of bargaining and the heated discussion that follows, can make you uncomfortable.

Another aspect is that the auto drivers will never have change with them. Suppose, you have to pay Rs 80, you have to pay Rs 100, because the auto driver will not have the Rs 20 change with him.

To address the worries of Hyderabadis, Mohan Kuldeep, Shashank Chintapenta and Harshavardhan – have launched AutoHona. This is an unique service which lets you hire an auto with just a phone call.

According to Kuldeep, the startup has more than 12,500 verified autos in its database. If an auto driver takes a route that is congested with traffic, they have to be paid a little more.

As a customer, you have make a phone call, 30 minutes in advance before the journey. The company has a call centre number where people can contact and tell their location and where they want to go. The customer service will then get back to the caller in 10 minutes.

The customer will get all necessary information regarding the list of auto drivers’ numbers, the tariff that is in sync with the government endorsed prices, the distance and the areas that have a traffic congestion in the route, etc. The tariff might vary a little, depending on where you want to board the auto.

So, enjoy your auto ride in Hyderabad, but before that give a call at this number - 040 6723 2030, 30 minutes in advance.

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Wow its one of the amazing news.