Monday, October 20, 2008

Save the park, conserve energy at one go

Today when pollution is taking a serious toll on our health, parks and playgrounds are increasingly looked upon as the lungs of a locality in Kolkata. Everyday, inch by inch of our city is being encroached by the real estate mafias commonly called the promoters. Nowadays it is hard to see the clear blue skies from the tall buildings that has mushroomed every in nook and corner of the city. It is also hard to inhale fresh air from any given locality as large amount of trees are felled for construction purpose.

But, unfortunately even the parks and playgrounds that are looked upon as small land of bliss are also attracting the attention of local hooligans, miscreants and gundas for their unethical and illegal works. These parks and playgrounds generally attract young and old, men and women, mostly during the early hours of morning and evening. These people visit such places either for playing, meeting each other or for physical exercise. But these places become deserted soon after darkness fall and this gives the notorious elements the chance to carry out their illegal works.

Now to safeguard these parks and playgrounds and also to protect the locality from any possible threat from such elements, the local authorities and the KMC has jointly come up with a plan to illuminate these parks and playgrounds during night.

This is undoubtedly a very good initiative from the civic authorities, and in fact this step has encouraged the local people to venture out in the parks and playgrounds even after dark. But in this process the authorities has overlooked that they also have the responsibility of conserving energy. Normally, to illuminate such big parks there is need of big mercury or halogen lights that consume huge amount of electrical energy. Now there are some authorities who would prefer to use more such powerful lights than needed just to beautify the place extraordinarily. Thus in this process they fail to remember the fact that lots of energy is going into waste.

If they had used these lights with little sense then they could have saved lot of energy and in turn could have addressed the larger issue of power shortage in Kolkata. Other than just planting huge halogen lights in the parks whimsically, the civic authorities can consider such lights that save energy and at the same time produce sufficient light enough to illuminate a park or a playground. They can also make use of solar power lights, which are not only environmental friendly but are also effective in illumination.


neha dhamija said...

Thanks for your words of appreciation about my poems.......The problem is same everywhere.let it be Delhi or Kolkata.....The parks and gardens are beautified when politicians realize that elections are approaching. Large scale inaugurations are organised and lots of money is wasted in unnecessary pump-n-show.N after few days there is nobody to take care of the parks and thay again start to serve as dumping grounds.a bitter truth.........

robseo said...

Yes today save park is very important matter in you kolkata. Where no any lot place for children play. or older walking.Or normal people relax . in those reason park is importance in you life.