Friday, October 17, 2008

Reality of Reality Shows

14 year old Neera was waiting anxiously, exhausted and hungry outside an audition centre in a metropolitan city. She had come with her mother to take part in an audition for a popular T.V reality show that is to be aired on a national entertainment channel. She was holding her mother’s hand tightly anticipating the final result of her performance.

This result can become the first step towards the glamorous stardom. Everyone is throwing their best to reach that stardom, but very few can actually reach that place. The lucky one who reaches that point is hailed as the best and is idolised by all and also by those who could not achieve that coveted place. And the one who cannot reach that place, although staying just one step behind is termed as potentially weak. A term that has the potential to wreck a youngster’s aspiration, and morale.

Unable to bear the pressure of a reality show, Neera gives up and suddenly collapses on the ground. Her mother who was earlier trying to calm Neera’s nerve now herself becomes nervous and shouts for help. But no one comes to her rescue as all the participants and their parents are waiting for the result. She cries for help several times, when one of the volunteers for the show turns up and assist Neera with water.

This is a very common sight in most of the reality show venues at this moment. Reality show is buzzing in the entertainment industry. Whether it is a dance show such as Jhum tara na, Dhoom Machale le or Nach Baliye, singing show such as Indian Idol, Sa Re Ga Ma, Star Voice of India Chhote Ustad or Star Voice of India or other adult reality show like MTV roadies or Big Boss all attract huge (Television Rating Points) TRPs for the entertainment channels like Sony, Star Plus, Etv, Zee Bangla, Zee TV etc. The basic fact is, in an era where TRPs and SMSes rule the game, well planned reality shows are spinning money for the producers, which is a factor that motivates many others to join the race.

Hate it or like it reality shows are ruling the prime time of TV viewing. Such shows has even pushed back political quarrel that are often staged in the news channels between political leaders. Moreover major events in a popular reality show are aired as BREAKING NEWS in all national English and Hindi news channels.

Now in this situation how can parents only sit back and enjoy such shows in their comfy atmosphere at home and do not push their children into the fire of reality shows. How can they miss the opportunity of proudly announcing in front of the T.V reporters that their son or daughter is the winner and how much sacrifice they have done to achieve this?

In this allure of a reality show many young participants like Neera becomes the victims and they are the only one who truly realise the reality of such shows.


Anonymous said...

Liked this relevant post on something we all tune into. Since TV soaps are no longer popular with the masses, reality shows are gaining more popularity than ever.

Do post more on diverse issues.

neha dhamija said...

This is something really true but then the world now days is all about maddening cut-throat race n everybody is looking for a short-cut to the road of success without realising the negativities.......
Nice issue to raise and discuss..

shewaah said...

Nice blog..nice articles....good work